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Made with clean, simple, premium ingredients our formula boosts your body’s natural response to a workout, restores vital nutrients, rehydrates, and helps you feel better after sweating. All so you can work hard, play hard, and live a life without compromise. ​


The long hours spent at the gym must be matched with a balanced diet focused on protein, an important nutrient that helps with muscle development. That is why we have designed the premium protein water, a simple alternative to ensuring a great protein intake to your body.


It’s easy to stay refreshed with Protein. Water Protein Water comes in three flavors, each containing 12 grams of protein combined with other natural sweeteners and additives that deliver a complete dose of amino acid and H2O.

All you have to do is twist the bottle cap from our delicious and powerful workout drink. It is effective, hydrating, and more refreshing than any other protein drink in the market today.

Explore our irresistible protein drinks.

  • How much sugar does Protein Water contain?
    Protein Water does not contain sugar or any artificial sweetener
  • What is Protein Water?
    Protein Water is a great new line of flavored protein drinks that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and contain zero sugar.
  • How much protein is in a bottle of your protein water?
    Each Protein Water contains 12 grams of pure protein extracts no matter the flavor you choose
  • When should I drink Protein Water?
    Protein Water can be taken at any time of the day before, after, or in between any strenuous activity or workout. It can also be taken occasionally to support a healthy and nutritious lifestyle
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