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Welcome to Protein Water

Like most of you, we also struggled with heavy protein drinks after exercise and other strenuous activities. We just needed something refreshing and hydrating but had to settle for heavy, hard-to-digest protein drinks. But not anymore.

Protein Water not only contains the equivalent amount of protein you can find in any typical protein shake but also includes higher quality ingredients like hydrating electrolytes and natural amino acids.


We are dedicated to developing revolutionary products that are functional, enhance performance and help our consumers unlock their potentials.

About Protein Water

We are a dynamic sports drink company with a passion for improved wellness and fitness. And we are committed to our goal of bringing tasty and refreshing protein drinks to our great customers.

Our Protein Water taste is second to none, gluten-free, and contain zero sugar. Our primary purpose is to assist you in meeting your health and fitness goals. With our top-quality Protein Water, best prices, and unrivaled customer care, we will continue to empower you with refreshing protein drinks for your hydration needs.

We do not compromise with quality, and we’re committed to using clean ingredients because we know that only clean hydrating fuel can support the body during its activities. You will simply get the protein you need to thrive and enjoy a tireless day.


For years, we’ve been in the sports drinks industry and seen the hassle people go through in mixing numerous products and taking heavy supplements that are hard to digest during and after exercise.

Our solution—Protein Water, is a functional sports supplement derived naturally from whey protein isolate, which includes the complete amino acid profile. It is light on the stomach, produced with high-quality ingredients, and tastes sensational.

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